Japanese 50 sounds

This is an archive of Hiragana 50 sounds. Hiragana was transformed from Kanji, in other words, each Hiragana has an original Kanji. Each page has a picture of Hiragana and its original character.

If you try to learn Japanese calligraphy, it’s a good way to start writing Hiragana at first because the number of Hiragana characters is limited. Furthermore you can write your own words if you know how to read them.

01_a 02_i 03_u 04_e 05_o 06_ka 07_ki 08_ku 09_ke 10_ko 11_sa 12_shi 13_su 14_se 15_so 16_ta 17_chi 18_tsu 19_te 20_to 21_na 22_ni 23_nu 24_ne 25_no 26_ha 27_hi 28_fu 29_he 30_ho 31_ma 32_mi 33_mu 34_me 35_mo 36_ya 37_yi 38_yu 39_yo 40_ra 41_ri 42_ru 44_ro 45_wa 46_we 47_wo 48_n